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I updated my Dean/Castiel recs. The new additions are also here:

Hurt/Comfort and Angst

A Yellow Wood by trinityofone
Rated PG, 4000 words; for fallen!Cas, who is more than just Castiel without wings.

It was supposed to be easier, now, like this. It wasn’t.

In Constant Contradiction by catoasapun
Rated PG-13, 5800 words; for the fabulous Dean/Castiel interaction.

“Well,” Dean says, turning back to the sink, “that was fun.”
Sam scoffs, shifting slightly on the bed. He winces, moving the bottle and pressing a hand to the large red spot it leaves on his face.
“Sure. If sitting through another one of Castiel’s lectures is your idea of fun. You know he blames me every time you fuck up?”
“Yeah, well. I am an asset. I can do no wrong.”
“Dude?” Sam starts, his reflection smirking in amusement from the mirror, “You’re Heaven’s bitch.”

Mi Casa by entangled_now and the sequel Su Casa by alchemyalice

Rated PG-13, 1300 and 2300 words.

Dean goes very still.
He can feel it now, a heavy, cold itch. He takes a slow breath and clenches his teeth. There's something inside his head, something that doesn't belong there.
What the hell.
*I'm sorry, Dean, I did not intend this.*
Dean exhales roughly. Castiel's voice is familiar even inside his own mind.

No Words by mariana_oconnor
Rated PG(?), 1100 words.

“What’s it like?” he asks, seconds later, without even really having followed where his train of thought was leading him.
“What is what like?” the angel responds, looking over at him. There’s a furrow on his forehead that Dean takes to mean that Castiel’s hating this situation just as much as he is.
“Heaven, paradise, up there… what’s it like?”

Humor and Crack

It's A Badass Afterlife by janie_tangerine
Rated R, 6100 words.

Ash hasn’t even had time to process the news that apparently there just was some huge change in Heaven’s management, when that management walks into his bar.

Complete AU

And Yet, By Heaven by liadan14
Rated R, two parts, 11900 words. AU.

Dean never really expected to end up here.
He’s worked more than a few part-time jobs in his life, and sure, some of them involved paper-pushing, but *this*.

Play It All Night Long by janie_tangerine
Rated NC-17, six parts, 43000 words. AU.

Anna always used to tell him that when the highlight of your day is a radio program where they actually take calls from the public, you should at least call them once.
Castiel always shrugged and said she was being foolish, and something in his chest clenches as he recalls those conversations. He eyes his telephone for a second and then finally the familiar music of the program’s signature tune starts, at one AM sharp.


Named by McLachlan
Rated R, fourteen parts, 95000 words; for all those never-saw-that-one-coming twists.

Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week.

[Insert Plot Device Here] Made Them Do It

Conservation of Space by entangled_now
Rated NC-17, 2200 words.

So, succubus, Dean's night just gets better and better.

Hurts So Good

One By One: Objects Defined by haruslex
Rated R, 6000 words.

With the Grace of Heaven to measure out his days, Castiel’s time on earth had raced. Just flashes, images, moments, startling in clarity but so small. That time has become keystone, it hold him stable as much as it marks the beginning of his downwards arch. And now the days are longer, stretching to match millennia. The clock radios of nameless hotels trace the minutes and hours that strive for symmetry with time measured in the lives of stars.
They spend most of their time driving.

World Enough And Time by moonlettuce
Rated R, 224 words.

Dean doesn't have time for slow and drawn-out, not anymore.

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