Jan. 5th, 2012 08:48 pm
unadrift: (fanon)
This is a somewhat belated post, since Yuletide was already declassified on Sunday. But I really think I should be excused on account of being somewhat sick and still recovering from not-so-great holidays. (Not as bad as that maybe sounds, but not cheerful either.) One of the good parts of them was Yuletide.

I received a Warehouse 13 fic centered around Claudia. The author works with a really clever idea of a Warehouse feature and gave me Claudia just as I like her: brilliant and funny with a dash of kinda-crazy: Seventeen by justhuman.

I was assigned Haven, a fandom I hadn't written before, with a request for the OT3, which I haven't really done before either. It was an example of great Yuletide matchmaking. I enjoyed writing this so much. It reminded me how much I liked this season of Haven and how much I love the characters. And watching the Christmas episode along the way just poured oil into the flames. I have templemarker to thank for the great prompt that inspired me to write this for her:

Proverbial Trees
Rated adult, Audrey/Duke/Nathan, just shy of 10k words.
It didn't seem real before. Not until Duke got a third set of dishes for his boat.

*sighs* I do love Yuletide and the excitement and the gifts (giving and receiving) that come with it. Until next year.

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