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It's happened again. This thing where everyone goes crazy about some show and/or pairing, but I'm like, meh, not for me. Only those words come back and bite me in the ass not much later, when I get hooked and proven oh-so wrong. Why should this time be any different? So. Fic. Of course.

Nobody Mentioned There'd Be Dates Like This (@ AO3)
Rated PG-13, 3259 words, Derek/Stiles, also featuring Erica and the sheriff and much talk of, and some actual, dating. Not to be taken too seriously, because, well, fun!

"You're free on Saturday," Erica tells Stiles, looking a strange mix of bored and menacing. "I'll pick you up at seven."

Beta duties and newbie handholding admirably performed by bewarethesmirk.
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