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I got myself this shiny new, insanely fast computer about a month ago, and new vidding software, too. I dearly love either of them, and the both of them in combination just rock. Because they do not trash my vid files at random intervals anymore!

There was this vid idea that I had started on four or five times before, but at one point or other the files always got partly deleted or otherwise mangled. It was the perfect thing to start out with. It's an SGA Aurora vid. Aurora exclusively.

Why? For one, because this episode is just made of win and still one of my favorites. It features the best possible John/Rodney snark, the saving-each-others'-lives routine, and Teyla improvising techno-babble. What's not to love? Also, Aurora is the most viddable (Is that even a word?) episode in the history of ever. See:

Title: Alone
Music: Kane
Warnings: Do I have to point out that this is practically one giant spoiler for Aurora?

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