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Yes, still here, not dead. Am now located in new apartment and slightly incapacitated at the moment. I shouldn't even be typing. Ah, well, this list was mostly typed up, anyway, and just needed posting. (Now edited - twice - because apparently I fail at alphabetizing. *headdesks*)

The majority of these recs are the result of my browsing through the recent [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang and Secret Angels IV fic exchange, plus a few from-- all over, really.

Full list here. New recs here:

Hurt/Comfort and Angst

Across the Universe by [not yet revealed]
Rated NC-17, 8300 words.

As the third week nears its end Castiel asks what he’s been wondering for some time now.
"Will you drive on forever? Run forever?"


Bodies from the Tracks by pigeonswerver
Rated R, masterpost, 29800 words. Goes AU after 5x21.

“Where are we going to start?” Castiel asked him as Dean threw his bag into the back seat. “Do we have a direction we should be heading in? Or are we just going to guess?”
Dean shut the car door and turned to look at him. “Well, Sam’s gonna say yes, right?” Castiel nodded hesitantly and Dean shrugged as he continued. “So we’ll go to Detroit. That’s probably where he’s gonna do it.”


Contrapasso by takadainmate
Rated R, nine parts, 59000 words. Seriously, seriously creepy. Plotty and creepy. In a very good way.

"So what are we doing here?"
Cas broke eye contact then, looking over Dean's shoulder towards the bridge.
"This town," he said in a low voice. "It doesn't exist."


Everything That Matters by enigmatic_blue
Rated NC-17, masterpost, 29000 words.

He hadn’t prayed in years—not since the other angels had decamped. Cas didn’t think he had any faith left these days, but as the last bit of life left him, his lips moved in a silent prayer. “Oh, God, I would give anything to change this.”


In This Life by [not yet revealed]
Rated NC-17, two parts, 13200 words.

Dean was so far out of his element he might as well have been on Mars.
It wasn't that he'd never been to a gay bar before; hunting took them to all kinds of unexpected places. But he'd never gone to one with the express intent of helping anyone - let alone a six thousand year old virginal former angel of the Lord - pick up a guy. He didn't even know where to start.


Right of Conquest by luchia13
Rated NC-17, two parts, 14400 words; for the unexpected weight and impact and the ingenuity of this.

Castiel is standing in Chuck’s kitchen, waiting to die, when Lucifer appears.


Wherever I Go (I End Up Somewhere I've Already Been) by bauble
Not rated by the author, masterpost, 30000 words.

Dean wakes up to the familiar creak of the mattress bending underneath another person’s weight.
"You're late," Dean says sourly, not even needing to look. Instead, he eyes the digital display of his bedside clock until the numbers come into focus. "By an hour and seven minutes."
"I'm sorry," Cas says, voice low and rough. "I had some final business to attend to."
"Whatever," Dean grunts. He's still drunk, but now has a splitting headache on top of it. "Like I care."

Humor and Crack

As Easy as Pie by [not yet revealed]
Rated R, 5000 words.

One day, Dean woke up gay.
Pay attention now, because this is important to the plot.
Dean knew this intrinsically because when he opened his eyes, the low opacity of bright red font was flashing in front of everything he looked at.
WOKE UP GAY, it said in big, bold lettering.


Operation Jealousy by Annie D
Rated R, 1200 words; for bitchy!Sam and his great ideas.

Dean figures it's just Sam throwing a tantrum when he suddenly stands up and shouts, "That's the last straw!" before grabbing his laptop and stomping out the door.
Castiel looks to Dean for an explanation. "Why is Sam upset?"
"Beats me," Dean says with a shrug. He goes back to teaching Cas how to knot his tie.


Party Like It's 1999 by [not yet revealed]
Rated PG-13, 5100 words; for the funny (and really clever) use of pop lyrics.

“From the tip of my toes,” Castiel says, staring harder as though willing them to understand when he’s the one talking in near-nonsensical circles, “Running through my veins.”
“What the hell?” Dean snorts. “No offense, Cas, but you sound weirder than usual, and that’s saying a lot.”


She Taught Every Angel to Rearrange the Sky by luchia13
Rated PG-13, 5400 words; especially for Ellen.

Last call had come and gone. Castiel hadn’t.


The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by everysecondtuesday
Rated R, 11000 words.

For future reference, if you were an angel who wanted to court a human, Dean was pretty sure you ought to let said human know sometime soon after slapping the initial engagement hand-print on their soul, if not earlier—not after completing step 180 out of 200 (fucking seriously?) and showing up naked in their motel bed in the middle of the night after ignoring their three previous attempted summonings.


Top 40 Nightmare by [not yet revealed]
Rated PG-13, 8300 words.

Dean comes to the end of You Light Up My Life and decides two things: one, he just sang a goddamn pop ballad from the seventies, so his life is officially over; and two, he’ll have to kill Sam, who just stood there staring while Dean sang his heart out to him and didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.


White Blank Page by [not yet revealed]
Rated PG-13, 2800 words; for the surprising and credible insights.

Here are a few things Chuck knows that his readers don’t.


Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After by everysecondtuesday
Rated PG-13, 7700 words.

"Heaven," Castiel declared moodily, eyeing Dean's burger like he was about to break a commandment and commandeer it for himself, "is bullshit."

Complete AU

12 Steps by gedry
Rated NC-17, masterpost, 33000 words; for the raw realism in this.

Dean cracks open his eyes and sees a lady wearing a suit in the doorway. Not a nurse then, they wear uniforms. “Lady, Mr. Winchester is my dad and I’m sleeping here. What do you want?” he grunts
“It’s time for group,” she says, and her voice leaves no reason for him to doubt her meaning.
“No fucking way,” he snaps back, and rolls over until his back is to the door.
“Dean, look—” She says it like he’s a willing participant in this conversation. “You can either come to group or not. But if you stay in bed you’re just going to be here longer. You can’t leave until you finish your psychiatric evaluation.”
Dean chuckles until the pain in his chest makes him stop. “Honey, if you think a psych eval is going to help me get out of here then you haven’t worked here very long.”


Kite Songs by [not yet revealed]
Rated PG, 9100 words.

Anna once told Cas, ‘you may be a genius, but you’re still a child.’
Occasionally, Cas worries that she may be right. The thought crosses his mind, for instance, when he’s creeping around the second floor of the Lawrence branch of Barnes and Noble, methodically removing copies of The Eponymous Hero from the Recommended section, the Fiction section, and the garish Bestsellers section, and scattering them in the least appropriate places.


There's Only One Sure Thing That I Know by blinkiesays
Rated NC-17, masterpost, 20400 words.

He's headed towards Pennsylvania on I-70, just passed the turn-off where state highway 35 splits off South towards Eaton, when Castiel calls and says, "I seem to be incapable of leaving Ohio."
Dean jerks the car onto the next exit ramp, barrels across the overpass at breakneck speed, and swerves back onto 70 headed West. He guns it the 10 miles it takes him to reach the border and the "Welcome To Indiana: Crossroads Of America" sign, only to find himself inexplicably back where he started, just past the exit to Eaton, Ohio.
"Fuck," Dean says, hitting the steering wheel with the palms of both hands.
"Yes," Castiel says from the passenger seat.


Bring It On Home by [not yet revealed]
Rated NC-17, two parts, 14800 words.

Castiel still wasn't clear on why the magazine was, as Sam had asserted, 'typical, Dean; absolutely fucking typical of you. And completely useless.' [...]
Dean had defended himself against Sam's accusations with regard to the publication - "What are you talking about, man? There's all kinds of crap in there about Relationships and Self Pleasure and shit. Says so right on the cover." He brandished the article in Sam's face, just to be clear.
Sam had appeared unconvinced. "Dean, it's for women. It's not going to help Cas deal with his Rising Angel problem."
"Yeah, well, it's got 100 Ways To Please Your Man In Bed, right? I'm sure he can work from that. Right, Cas?"


Dean Doesn't Listen To Eurhythmics by Annie D
Rated NC-17, 1900 words.

This was nowhere near as close as Cas would come to him sometimes, but it was one thing to have a stare-off while upright and fully-clothed, and another thing to be doing it while horizontal and under the same set of blankets. The less-than-a-foot of distance between them was way too small.


Fallen by entangled_now
Rated NC-17, 2600 words.

There are hands on his waist, but they're stronger than they should be, and the quick clench of fingers is hard enough to tell Dean that he's not dreaming-
He's not dreaming.
He shoves at the sheets, at the warm edge of Castiel's bare chest, shoulders smacking the headboard into the wall with a bang.
"Jesus, Cas, what are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?" He doesn't understand, not one little bit, because if this is a joke it's a cruel one.


Mortal Engines by strangeandcharm
Rated NC-17, 5500 words.

“He’s good with engines,” Bobby had said. “Never known anyone figure out what makes ’em tick so fast in my life. Or what doesn’t make ’em tick, as the case may be. He’s been up to his elbows in oil for a week now and even though he’d never admit it, I’d say he’s as happy as a pig in shit.”
Sam had looked skeptical. Dean had laughed. But now Dean stops dead, staring, and he realizes Bobby was right.

[Insert Plot Device Here] Made Them do It

Enchantment by thegrrrl2002
Rated PG-13, 2000 words.

"It's a trap," Cas said.
"What kind of trap?" Dean shone his flashlight along the symbols. He didn't recognize any of them.
"I don't know." Cas was staring intently at Dean.
Dean didn't really care what kind of trap it was. Dropping his gun, he strode toward Cas, slid a hand around the back of Cas's neck and kissed him.

Hurts So Good

Come Down Off Your Throne by fairywearsbootz
Rated R, masterpost, 27000 words; for stealing my breath and breaking my heart.

The clouds outside break up and cold silvery moonlight floods the room. He blinks for a second, blinded by the sudden luminance, and because for a moment, a heartbeat– but then he looks again, and really, the figure standing there, it‘s–
It‘s Cas. [...]
Every bit like Cas, except that Cas died on the floor of a run-down warehouse in Detroit three years ago.


Over the Hills and Far Away by [not yet revealed]
Rated R, 5700 words.

Might be nice to vanish.
He does the closest thing he can, and drives.


Venn Diagram by Annie D
Rated R, 3400 words. Post-apocalypse.

“No, come on, it looks like it’s summer outside,” Dean insists, trying to pull Castiel up by his arm. Castiel is a deadweight, so Dean lets him go with an irritated growl. “Fine, you want to sleep in? Go ahead.” He’s off the bed, padding barefoot out of the room.
Castiel falls asleep again. He jerks awake when Dean barges back into the room, face red.
“Cas! What the fuck is going on?” he demands. “Where’s Sam and Bobby? What happened to the house?”

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