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I've been sitting on this post for a while now, but somehow the list was never complete. It still isn't. There will possibly be updates in the future.

Again, because I'm lazy, I'm not changing the running (McKay/Sheppard and Dean/Castiel kind of) system:

This collection of recs is sorted by category. Several categories may apply for one fic, and the one I chose for it should already tell you a lot about the reasons I like it. Because all the fics on this list are very well-written and with great characterization I'm going to mention it here and get it out of the way. The individual recs include merely quotes, which are indicated by italics. Call me lazy (again), but I'd hate to spoil anyone with too much detail.

Should you encounter any mistakes or broken links, please let me know!

None so far.

Feelgood, Happymaking, Humor, Crack and All That
(Just for the sake of it.)

101 Ways To Heal Your Wizarding Woes by who_la_hoop
Rated NC-17, 26.5k words.

Trust mother dearest to buy him such a useless piece of twaddle, but if it stopped her fussing it was worth it, he supposed.


A Consummation Devoutly To Be Wished by mirabella
Rated NC-17, 7.8k words. Veela!Draco.

Draco Malfoy was having a very, very, very bad day.


A Tale of Two Tents by who_la_hoop
Rated PG-13, 10.3k words. Epilogue-compliant.

Harry could feel his irritation rising, but he tried to will it away and go to sleep. He needed to sleep. Tomorrow he would have to spend a whole day not killing Malfoys, and restraining his son from also making an attempt at it. His only consolation was that, in the next-door tent, he bet Draco and the Draco-clone were having an even worse time of it.
Harry's smile widened when he remembered that he and Al had a plentiful supply of one essential that he'd bet anything hadn't even crossed the Malfoys' minds.
Toilet paper.
In the battle of Malfoy versus Potter, Harry mentally chalked up one point to his team. And, dreaming of victory, he fell into an uneasy, uncomfortable sleep.


Be-loved and Be-elved by fireelemental79
Rated R, 27k words.

It was sitting like a sweetly scented death sentence in his in-box when he arrived at work. The parchment the envelope was made of was a somewhat ... effeminate shade of lavender, and the smell it gave off indicated that it was either completely non-business related or that the twins were once again using him, the foreman of their very own magical gag and joke factory, as the butt of another "product introduction."


Bite Me, Hate Memes by pir8fancier
Rated NC-17, between 25k and 50k words.

"It was about these hate memes flooding the ministry."


Cupid by cutecoati
Rated R, 16.7k words.

"Auntie Cissy!" The outcry startled Harry, causing him to nearly keel over. Teddy squirmed out of his embrace and scurried along the gravel path to throw himself enthusiastically against Narcissa Malfoy’s legs.
Quenching a stab of annoyance, Harry pulled himself into an upright position to greet Narcissa - and nearly keeled over again from shock.
There was a second blond head next to Narcissa’s. It couldn’t possible be-"
"Malfoy!" he exclaimed and had to resist the urge to rub his eyes. "You're here?"


DIY Messiah by scoradh
Rated R, 27k words.

Harry stopped hating Draco Malfoy on Bring Your Kids to Work Day.


Field of Victory by hlrloprillalar
Rated NC-17, 0.7k words.

"It's over," Harry said.
"Yes," Draco said and kissed him.


Five Times Draco Malfoy Got Sacked (And One Time He Didn't) by Emma Grant
Rated NC-17, 18.5k words.

He tossed Goyle's wand at him, and leaned his head back, staring up at the ceiling.
"Got sacked again, did you? Sorry, mate."
Draco sighed. This was not how his life was supposed to go. He was supposed to be looking forward to a future filled with power and prestige, and enough money to buy whatever he wanted. His biggest worry should have been how to navigate the whole gay thing with his parents, but instead, he was just trying to figure out how to make a life for himself in a world where the name Malfoy no longer got him everything -- or even a single thing -- he wanted.
It sucked.


Minister Scrimgeour Does Not Approve by lomonaaeren
Rated PG-13, 5.6k words.

It seemed there really was a thin line between love and hate, after all. Potter and Malfoy were shagging each other, he was certain of it. And thanks to a regulation passed by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after the infamous affair between Septimus Prince and Ella Weasley nearly one hundred years ago, Aurors could not remain partners once they were lovers or married. Rufus was about to get rid of his Potter problem once and for all.
He only had to catch them at it.


Of Hoof Picks, Centaurs, and Flight by blamebrampton
Rated PG-13, 21k words.

"Mr Potter? The Head of Magical Creatures is here." [...]
He sighed quietly. ‘Send him in, Aurelia. I’m sure he’s as anxious to clear all this up as I am.’
Aurelia turned back into the antechamber and spoke to the man there, before moving back to hold open the door. Draco Malfoy stepped past her, thanking her politely. He looked at the man sitting on the other side of Harry’s desk and gave him a reassuring nod, before looking at Harry and plastering what was clearly a Let’s Be On Our Best Behaviour look on his face.
"Right," said Malfoy. "What’s all this about, then?"
He was straightforward, Harry had to give him that.


Open Season by scoradh
Rated R, 10k words.

'Harry, I know,' she whispered, her eyes brimming with understanding, of which Harry felt he had a significant lack.
'Huh?' he said inelegantly, rather spoiling the momentous effect of her cryptic words. Hermione frowned, and tried again.
'Harry, it's all right,' she said soothingly. 'You don't have to hide it from me any more. After all,' she paused for dramatic effect, stopping just short of winking to prompt Harry to a suitable reaction, 'I know.'


Perfect Day by scrtkpr
Rated R, 24.5k words.

He held the small bottle in his hands, inspecting the contents, trying to compare it with memories from his sixth year. It was golden, but paler than he'd remembered it. The Apothecary might have diluted it. He wouldn't put it past him. Draco grimaced. Perhaps he should have tried the Diagon Alley Apothecary after all...
It would be all right, though. He'd purchased far more than one tablespoon. If he needed to take a bit more, then he would. There would still be more than enough to save for another day, to share with Mother, if the need arose.


Potter's Interference by yodels
Rated PG, 8k words.

Discovering a menagerie of magical creatures (many highly illegal) that were abandoned at the Manor after his parents' hasty departure for parts unknown (at least to the wider world) had been more than a little shocking. Realizing that he needed to dispose of them, or care for them, all while still navigating the post-Voldemort wizarding world had been truly distressing. Like a guardian angel, Pansy Parkinson had swept back into his life and taken complete control. The more innocuous, less regulated creatures had been easily passed along to acquaintances and friends of friends. The wealthy never seemed to tire of owning the most exotic, hardest to find pet and thus a business for Draco, and by extension Pansy, had been born.


The Lesbian Muffin Debacle by abusing_sarcasm
Rated NC-17, 7k words. With Ginny/Pansy.

It had started with a muffin, and much like a muffin, it was delicious at first. However, indignity had soon set in. With muffins, the indignity usually arrived in the form of thigh fat, but in Draco's case (as it often was), the indignity was named Harry Potter.


The Next Best Thing by Emma Grant
Rated NC-17, 26k words.

"Oh, no," Neville said, sinking down in his chair. "No-no-no. I know what you're going to say, and let me tell you now that it's a bad idea."
"Will you listen first?" Harry snapped. "I was thinking I could just pretend to be gay, just enough to get her attention, and then--"
"Let her change your mind?" Neville finished. "Harry, that is a horrid idea."

At Hogwarts – Pre Voldemort's Demise (Canon or Non-canon)
Life during wartime. And/or: The daily battles school provides.

Alternate by sam_storyteller
Rated R, between 25k and 50k words. With a certain amount of Ouch!

Draco Malfoy sulked over his dinner, sitting alone at a window. At the next table over, Harry was talking animatedly about Quidditch moves with the two chosen Beaters, Terence and Ginny; Ron was there also, as alternate for Bartholomew, a burly seventh-year Keeper and, as the eldest, designated team Captain. Ron actually was pleased to be alternate—he could watch the games without worrying about stage fright.
The two female Chasers, Ellen and Mira, were sitting and making eyes at Bartholomew, while the third chaser, Michael, was sitting with the Chaser and Beater alternates, Clara and Colin, discussing strategy. Terence and Ellen were the only other Slytherins, and they seemed more intent on showing up everyone than on sympathising with Malfoy's rotten luck.
Because Malfoy was an alternate.
To Harry Potter.


Darken Many Virtues by addictedkitten
Rated NC-17, 2.8k words.

"I was waiting for you."
"Because I wanted to see you."
Harry frowned. "And here I am. So what is it?"
"Hormones, I suspect," said Draco, stepping closer.


Earthbound Spook by cest_what
Rated PG-13, 58k words.

Two months after Draco Malfoy was reported dead, Harry and Ron found him tangled in Strangler Ivy on the grounds of Hogwarts.
It had already been an odd morning.


Eclipse by Phoenixsong
Rated R, 282k words (no lie). Excellent, excellent take on what could have happened after TOotP.

"You're dead, Potter... I'm going to make you pay..." Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time.


Starts With A Spin by maxine_chan
Rated NC-17, 50k-plus words.

Sometime after the Slytherins had arrived, bringing with them complaints about how boring the party was, things started to pick up a bit.
It was Pansy who suggested Spin the Bottle. Apparently parties weren’t complete without a little action going on.
Which was how Harry found himself in his current position, several weeks later.


Snatch by didntyoupotter
Rated R, between 10k and 25k words.

Draco Malfoy was not a stupid boy, despite what rather a lot of people thought. So when he found himself face to face with Voldemort the summer before his sixth year, the decision he made was not a hard one.
"Will you fight for me, Draco Malfoy?" Voldemort hissed.
"Yes," Draco had said, with utmost sincerity. And then sent an owl to Dumbledore.


The If Sieve and Mirror Maze by cest_what
Rated PG-13, 37k and 7.4k words.

Draco wonders: What if.


The Face of His Enemy by mahaliem
Rated NC-17, between 25k and 50k words.

With a huff at the unfairness of life, Draco pushed back his hood and revealed his new form.
Green eyes behind glasses stared into green eyes behind glasses.
To the entire world it would appear as if there were now two Harry Potters.


Transformation by amalin
Rated NC-17, 90k words. With some Harry/Tonks.

He rolled over in the darkness, haunted by a thousand Uncle Vernons pointing at him out of the dark, and when he finally fell asleep, he was chased by Dudley’s accusing, dead-eyed stare as he reached his piggy hands through the tattered veil. It was Sirius’s voice Harry heard, however, when Dudley called out, "Harry, Harry!" Dudley had just closed his thick fingers around Harry’s arm when he called again, "Harry," and then it was Mrs. Weasley standing above Harry, light streaming in to illuminate the dust-heavy air, and it was morning.

At Hogwarts – Post War (Canon or Non-canon)
Their school days aren't over (yet).

A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing by mahaliem
Rated NC-17, 38k words.

"What?" Draco sat up straight, eyes wide. "Potter's a Slytherin?"
Ron's eyes twinkled and he gave Draco a knowing grin. "Now I know you're having me on. Next thing you'll be saying is that you're not a Gryffindor."
"I'm a bloody Gryffindor?" Draco shouted.


Draco Malfoy, It's Your Lucky Day by faithwood
Rated NC-17, 37k words.

Potter was still grinning. "Perhaps you can take off your shirt for me tomorrow in the forest and show me your mutilated chest."
"Oh, don't worry, Potter." Draco gritted his teeth. "I do plan to show you something in the forest tomorrow."
Potter blinked. "Was that a threat or some sort of innuendo?"
"A threat!" Draco spluttered. "We'll be all alone tomorrow in a big dark forest. A lot could happen, Potter, and there will be no witnesses."
Instead of looking worried, Potter seemed amused. "And again. Was that a threat or —"
"Yes, it was threat! For fuck's sake, what's wrong with you?" Draco all but yelled. Potter's calm demeanour was infuriating. Where was that indignant Gryffindor fury? Steam should have been coming out of Potter's ears by now. "I'd watch my back tomorrow if I were you, Potter. If I have it my way, you won't come out of that forest alive!"


Fascination by saras_girl
Rated PG-13, 6k words.

"What do you think he’s doing?" Harry asks no one in particular.
He stares over at the Slytherin table, hard.
"What? Who?" He hears Ron’s question, but doesn’t avert his gaze even for a moment.
"As if you need to ask," replies Hermione, and he doesn’t need to see her to know that she’s raising her eyes to the ceiling. "Malfoy."
"What *about* Malfoy?" Ron presses.


Said and Unsaid (or, The Value of Knowing When to Stop Talking) by bryoneybrynn
Rated PG-13, 15k words.

Potter’s expression grew sober again as he turned to face Draco. "I’m serious, Malfoy. Come back to Hogwarts."
Draco kept his eyes on the display. "Why do you care whether or not I go back?"
"Because if you don’t come back, it’s like he won. Voldemort. If we let fear or hatred or whatever else keep us from doing things, then he’s won."


Symbiosis by fireflavored
Rated NC-17, 20.3k words.

"Are you asking me to be your bodyguard, Malfoy?" Harry impressed himself by not laughing as he said this.


The Potter-Malfoy Problem by who_la_hoop
Rated NC-17, 29k words.

"I didn't mean to be here," Harry said, trying to keep his temper. "I was lying on my bed, when I suddenly found myself looking at your ugly mug."
Malfoy curled his lip, his face contorting into a mask of fury, but he held his tongue.
"If you point out the door, then I'll be on my way," Harry said. "I didn't mean to interrupt your sulking."


Trajectories by aja
Rated PG, 35k words.

"So," said Hermione one morning, "I've decided not to return to school next year." And that was how Harry found out that he was going back to Hogwarts.


Work After Wartime by lomonaaeren
Rated PG, 14k words.

Harry thought that the frenzy was over. [...]
Everything was calm. There was no work outside school to do.
That impression lasted until the night in September when he caught two Gryffindor students trying to drown Draco Malfoy.

In the Aftermath of the War
Ways to cope.

All His Saints by setissma
Rated NC-17, 13k words.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" asked Harry, giving him his best Gryffindor stare. "Come to throw things in my face, just like the rest of them?"


Beneath Boundless Skies by blamebrampton
Rated PG-13, 29.8k words.

Draco Malfoy was looking at him with a pained expression.
"It's you, isn't it?" he asked. "They told me someone else was coming, too. I should have known it would be you."
Harry kept staring, but came up with some words, too. "Malfoy, what on Earth are you doing?"
Malfoy had the grace to be embarrassed. "I'm being terribly nineteenth century, Potter, and taking my disgrace to the colonies, where they tolerate that sort of thing."


On A Clear Day by saras_girl
Rated R, 40k words.

I can only assume that you desire my blood on your hands, because, let me tell you, your absolute refusal to reply to a single one of my letters means that I am rapidly drawing close to a messy and sadistic death at the hands of the President of the W.O.T. She is one hundred and twelve years old, Potter, and she is terrifying.
Come on, now. This isn’t about me. It’s about those sweet little children I keep mentioning. So, if you could possibly pull your sanctimonious thumb out of your uncouth backside and scrawl me a few lines, that would be marvellous. The event is on May 25th, this year, not next. If not, I’m seriously thinking of actually coming around there and shoving—


Stain of Silence by brumell
Rated NC-17, 72k words.

"So—you killed Voldemort, and my father, hence you're the most qualified to watch me?"
"Well, there's that, and…"
"And what?"
"And no one else is willing to," Potter says, almost defiantly.


The More Things Change by fireflavored
Rated R, 9k words.

"What the fuck was that out there?"
Harry had a few seconds to enjoy the disconcerted look on Malfoy’s face before it was replaced with the nastiest sneer in his arsenal.
"Let go of me, Potter," he spat, narrowing his eyes. "What the fuck was what? We played Quidditch. You caught the Snitch. How you’ve turned that into a personal affront is beyond me."
Harry shoved at him again, still seething.
"You deliberately let it go. I saw you. You could have caught the Snitch and you let it get away."


Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, the prequel Tomorrow, and the companion piece Daybreakby novembersnow
Rated PG, 18k, 6k, and 5k words.

In the war-torn world after Hogwarts, one man has no knowledge of his yesterdays.


Transfigurations by Resonant
Rated NC-17, 72k words.

Hogwarts was reopening, and Harry was going back to teach, and everything was going to be better. "It will be different," he warned Hedwig, but he found he couldn't believe it.


War Wounds by silentauror
Rated NC-17, 31k words.

There was a longish pause, then Malfoy got up and came to the door. As he opened it, the faint but unmissable scent of firewhiskey drifted out, curling around Harry's nostrils like smoke. "Potter," Malfoy said, and though he was leaning sinuously against the doorframe, his eyes were sharp as tacks. "What do you want?"
Bluntness ran in the family, evidently. Harry felt a touch awkward, but his own bluntness saved him from that, at least. "Are you drunk, Malfoy?"
Malfoy's posture didn't change; one arm was raised lazily above his head as he leaned. "How is that any of your business?"
"You're at work," Harry said, returning the stare.
"You're very perceptive." The sibilant slurred ever so slightly. "What do you want?" he repeated.

Future (Im)Perfect
All these things they could (have) do(ne)...

And I'll Tell You No Lies by Anna Fugazzi
Rated R, 23.6k words.

"I dunno if it's just a rumour or what, but I heard one of us was told they were in love with their fellow Suspect."
Harry shifted uncomfortably.
Ron wrinkled his nose. "Ugh, imagine getting that with Malfoy." He shuddered and Harry squirmed inwardly.


Currency by Blythe and Circe
Rated NC-17, around 40k words.

Your wand is well and truly beyond repair. Not even the old man could've helped you. Speaking of, he's been dearly departed these past seven years. Surprised you hadn't heard.
Am afraid you will have to tear yourself away from seclusion and come get a new wand. Don't go near the mail-order jobs, they're crooks and thieves; besides, mass-produced wands are rubbish.
Presuming you want a bit of privacy, so I look forward to seeing you at your earliest convenience, as long as your convenience is tomorrow evening at six-thirty.
Thanks for the kind regards re: business, have enclosed Time Out's bumpf FYI.
PS: Assuming by the address you are either a lawyer, dentist, or a banker. The mind boggles.


Confession Is Good For The Soul, Cool Has Left The Building and Estranged by Anna Fugazzi
Rated PG-13, 25k, 8k and 3.5k words.

"Your Extrarius aura has a false tinge of malice."
"My what has a what?"


Father of the Bride by novembersnow
Rated NC-17, 29.4k words. With Lily/Scorpius. Epilogue compliant.

"I love him, Daddy," she said simply. "I want you to love him, too. I want you to be happy for me."
"I am, pumpkin," he said. "I—I will be."
"That goes for you tossers as well," she added, her face swinging right, then left, to take in both her scowling brothers.
The two young men eyed each other across the table, holding an entire, fleeting conversation in silence. "We'll be civil if Malfoy will," James said at last.


Grey Dawning by silentauror
Rated NC-17, 30k words. Warning: unfavorable look on Ginny.

"It's a highly sophisticated pattern," Malfoy said, not addressing Harry specifically but directing his words to the table between them. "I've been monitoring Treasury loss for years, but even so, it took me quite awhile to notice that there was a pattern to it. It's difficult to even say how long it's been going on, but my estimate is three or four years. [...]"
"I was hoping that you would assist Draco in his investigation," Kingsley said. "Look for suspicious-looking magic and see if you can help trace it back to the people who cast it. Find the leaks. Fix them."
"All right," Harry said, hardly hearing himself. He was going to be stuck with Malfoy, for who knew how long. It was Potions class all over again. "Where do we start?"


Homecoming by novembersnow
Rated NC-17, 27k words.

Harry's one comfort, such as it was, as he and Ginny began divorce proceedings was that at least the wanking-a-man-in-an-alley rumor would be supplanted soon enough by the final—vindicated—resurgence of that old classic, the impending Potter divorce.


In The White by mijeli
Rated R, 12.5k words.

If not for the Minister being attacked in a raid, it might have made front page that Narcissa Malfoy had gone round the bend.


Left My Heart and Surrender The Grey by Emma Grant
Rated NC-17, 88k and 150k words. With other pairings on the side.

Harry headed out of the Inn and down Castro Street , wand tucked securely inside his jacket. People were bustling about in the morning sun, and they largely ignored him as he walked along. As he neared 21 st Street, Harry ducked into an alleyway and cast a concealment spell on himself, feeling a little thrill as he did. He hadn't been in the field in nearly three years, and he'd forgotten how exciting the cloak-and-dagger sorts of missions could be. He found an unobtrusive place to stand across the street from the Victorian building Malfoy was apparently living in, and settled in to wait.


Not Ours To Command by furiosity
Rated NC-17, 16.7k words.

It all began with a botched blowjob.
Well, no, that was like saying that the Great Flood began with a raindrop. The truth was a little more complicated.


Reparations, and the sequel Foundations by saras_girl
Rated R and NC-17, 88k and 237k words.

As the crowd thins out, he moves to approach the list, and catches Tremellen’s eyes. Something uncomfortably like triumph sparks in the older man’s dark irises, and Harry frowns.
Rakes eager eyes down the list of names.
"Healer H. Potter – Department of Magical and Chemical Dependence. 5th Floor.
Working Under: Healer A. Redrow and Mr D. Malfoy."
Harry blinks. Hard. Hopes against all hope that he’s hallucinating, but when he allows his eyes once more to focus on the parchment, the words are as clear as anything.


Snakes and Ladders by scoradh
Rated PG-13, 40k words.

'Well, Potter,' began Draco, and the boy left off petting the bird to snap to attention. Full marks, Potter. 'Headmaster Snape has informed me of the extent of your condition --'
'My disease,' Wystan corrected him, his voice even but venomous. 'You don't have to pretty it up, Professor. I don't care what Dad and Remus say. I know I'm a monster.'


The Goodness of Their Hearts by Taratext
Rated PG-13, 21k words.

"Perhaps now would be a good time for Mr. Potter and I to decide what the details of his protection should be." Draco had learned it was better, if more difficult, to discuss the fine details with the client rather than with any handlers said client may have. Nothing ticked off people more than the feeling that others were arranging their whole lives for them.


The Maze of Lost Thoughts by mijeli
Rated PG-13, 21k words.

"What—what am I even supposed to do in there?" They couldn't just let him walk in without a word, could they?
"You'll figure it out." Kingsley nodded at Ron and they headed for the illuminated room to the left. "Find your way out of the Maze. We'll meet you once it's over."


The Simple Joy Of Living by mahaliem
Rated NC-17, 40k words.

Turning the knob, he opened his office door to see a filing cabinet that hadn't been there the day before, a plant that had tiny purple flowers on it on top of said filing cabinet, and a Malfoy seated behind a large wooden desk. Malfoy was leaning back in his chair. His feet, crossed at the ankle, were propped up on the surface of his desk as he intently studied the front page of the newspaper that he held in his hands.
"Oh, fuck," Harry muttered.


The Yellow House by causeways
Rated NC-17, 29k words.

"So the four of you came out here this afternoon—interrupting very important business, might I add—just to tell me that my life might be in danger from some unknown person or people at some unknown time?"


Twixt Naught and Never by Emma Grant
Rated R, 20k words.

He waited what seemed like several minutes, and felt a strange sinking sensation when the bartender finally turned to face him.
It was Harry Potter. Harry Potter was here, in this gay club, tending bar like a man born to it and chatting up men by the dozen.


Volunteers by Anna Fugazzi
Rated R, 49k words.

Dear Mr. Malfoy
Thank you for offering your services to the Muggle-Wizarding Friendship and Respect Department! Your cooperation is highly appreciated in the vital cause of keeping our Muggle friends safe and secure and completely unaware of our existence!
Your first meeting with your partner in this project will take place on February 14, at the Winsome Witch Pub (Dublin), at 2:00pm. You will be expected to go over the details of your duties, and are encouraged to get to know your partner as well, to make your work not only effective and efficient, but also a lot of fun!
Your partner is Harry Potter.


What To Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. by oldenuf2nb
Rated NC-17, ~30k words.

But now that the moment of truth had arrived, and Wood was parading his latest conquest right in his jilted lover’s face, Draco couldn’t take any pleasure in it because Potter, the great lout, looked so completely destroyed that he was taking all of the fun out of it. Pansy was a carnivore; she lapped up Potter's heart's blood like a Kneazle with a bowl of cream. Draco stared at the clenched hand around the shot glass, the hunched shoulders, the trembling beginning in the chin, and couldn’t sit there any longer. Potter was about to fall apart, and Draco found he couldn’t watch it. Draco had felt the horrible burn of being replaced by a lover; no one, not even Potter, should be forced to experience this with an audience.

A Different Take
Uncommon professions, unusual places, unique perspectives, unforeseen plot-turns.

Adventures In Babysitting by Anna Fugazzi
Rated NC-17, 27.5k words. Iceland.

"Ah, my Auror babysitter," was the first thing Malfoy said to Harry, his nose crinkling in distaste, as they met at the Muggle-Wizard Travel Connection Agency the next morning. "Just what did you fuck up to rate this posh assignment again, Potter?"


Draco Malfoy's Travelling Theatre of the Strange and Spectacular by melusinahp
Rated NC-17, 27.5k words. Warning: infidelity.

"Malfoy." Harry gave a small nod and didn't offer his hand for shaking.
They sat, Malfoy in the armchair, Harry in its twin, and Dennis on a spindly wooden chair he'd pulled over from the kitchen area. Dennis took out his notebook and quill and crossed his legs.
"So," began Harry, "there was an attack on one of your employees?"


Lonely Moon by eleventy7
Rated PG-13, 72k words.

"That can't be Malfoy's child, can it?" Harry whispered to Neville.
"Impossible," murmured Neville. "He would have been born close after the Battle."
"A Malfoy child, born out of wedlock?" Harry shook his head. "I don't think so."


PS I Love You by shmexsay
Rated PG-13, 7.7k words. Warning: infidelity.

I hate you, Malfoy.

Thursday, May 21, 1998
The feeling is mutual.
D. Malfoy


Room With A View by cutecoati
Rated NC-17, 24k words. OC POV.

Despite the in and out of all kinds of faces, the life - well, life - at number twelve, Grimmauld Place had resumed its usual boring course after the death of Sirius, and Arcturus deeply regretted that he'd missed ordering Kreacher to re-hang his portrait into the gallery along the staircase where some of the younger offsprings hung. His grandfather Regulus was next door, but since talking to him had already been rather pointless when he was still alive Arcturus hardly ever bothered to visit him. Besides, his grandfather's deafness hadn't improved during his canvas-y existence at all.
Boring beyond belief, he found, but there was at least the prospect of future entertainment, and thus Arcturus was biding his time, waiting for events to unfold.


Seven Days In June by fourth_rose
Rated NC-17, ~60k words. Vienna.

The guide had turned towards him, and when he saw Harry standing frozen on the spot, he gave him a sneer that was all too familiar. "Well, well," he said in a tone that, even after all these years, was the equivalent of a nail on a chalkboard to Harry, "long time no see, Potter."


Squib by kestrelsparhawk
Rated PG-13, 52k words.

"Afternoon, Malfoy. How can I help you?"
Malfoy looked rather nervous and uncomfortable. "I’ve heard about your school . . . er, rather Scorpius has, and he wanted . . . well, I agreed to consider . . . ummm, if . . . " he trailed off, then shrugged, and shifted to annoyed and arrogant, the way Harry was used to him. "Fuck it. Scorpius has a magic problem, and got really excited hearing about what his mother euphemistically called ‘a special school.’ He wants this very much, and I agreed to look into it."


Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games by novembersnow
Rated R, 10.6k words. Epilog compliant.

Ginny's frustration with the game grew when, once Al and James were back at school, Harry made a practice of turning to the Wiizard every evening after work, as well as every weekend, often staying up late into the night. When he began coming home during his lunch hours to play as well, she entreated him to stop, but he merely brushed aside her protests. When he began skiving off work to play, she deactivated the Wiizard's magic supply and hid the console. He bought another and set it up in the attic, where he wouldn't disturb her—and where no one would witness his repeated failures. When she threatened to leave him, he thought she was overreacting.
But when she greeted him at the door one afternoon with a packed suitcase, he realized she hadn't been kidding.


Playing House by sansa1970
Rated NC-17, 7.5k words. Somewhat sad/dark.

Difficult as it was to move the bed without his wand, Harry still manhandled it across the floor every night, away from the yawning space where the back wall to the bedroom should have been.


The World Of The Living by fourth_rose
Rated R, 17.4k words. Luna POV.

When Harry, a bag over his shoulder and a troubled expression on his face, shows up on her doorstep one evening and asks without preamble, "Can I stay with you for a while?", Luna thinks this particular surprise might make her life very interesting for some time.


When Hippogriffs and Pygmy Puffs Collide by oldenuf2nb
Rated R, 33k words. With Lily/Scorpius. Epilog compliant.

[O]nce Potter’s divorce was final, he effectively disappeared. There was nothing, absolute nothing about Potter for the next three years.
And then one afternoon a year and a half before, he’d been sitting near the front window, the very one he stood in now, and he’d noticed activity in the long abandoned shop across the street. Someone was in there, cleaning and bustling about, but Draco hadn’t paid much attention until he’d seen the one and only Potter stepping out through the door late in the afternoon, pocketing the key. The next morning a new sign had gone up across the front window, reading; Edible Enchantments, and beneath that had been painted, Cakes and treats for the child in all of us.

Guh! Also, Omgdirtywrongguh!
(Take note of the warnings.)

A Proper Fit by marguerite_26
Rated NC-17, 4.3k words. Warning: infidelity.

Harry looked between the pile of clothes and Madam Malkin. "Um, where do I change?"
"Right here, dear. No need to be shy! Only you and Mr Malfoy booked in for this afternoon so the shop is all locked up. The two biggest weddings of the year and only a week apart! Circe, the work we've got for the next week is enough to make me run short of Calming Drafts." She dove back through the curtain, shaking her head.


An Old Habit by fireflavored
Rated NC-17, 8.8k words.

"So," Harry said, clearing his throat, "I suppose it’s true, then. He’s coming back to school."


Better The Devil You Know by chaeldub
Rated NC-17, 14.8k words. Warnings: Painplay/marking/tattoos. Infidelity. Epilog compliant.

"What I want," said Harry, loosening the cuff and sliding it off revealing Snape's name, "is for you to do whatever it was you did last time."
Malfoy still had an air of suspicion about him.
"You want another tattoo?" he asked, brushing glass from his sleeve and picking slivers from his palm.
"I want you to do what you did last time."


Cheaters Prosper by bryoneybrynn
Rated NC-17, 4.4k words. Hate sex.

Draco was in the shower, was just nicely wet, in fact, when he heard it – a pounding at the locker room door and someone’s voice shouting.
"Malfoy, you fucking cheat, open up this bloody door right now."
He smiled to himself and tipped his head back under the hot spray. So predictable.


Let The Poets Pipe Of Love by aja
Rated NC-17, 12k words. Hooker!Draco.

Suddenly feeling very alone—alone with Malfoy—Harry shivered. "I can’t do this," he said. "Not with you."
Malfoy replied, "Excellent. Who would you like me to be?"


Lies of Liquid Truth by spark_of_chaos
Rated NC-17, 47k words. Warnings: dub-con undertones, potion abuse.

This was what it was all about then. Not a challenge of will and law but instead the quick-blooded tension of a risky conquest, the boldest of Malfoy's whims in the whole ordeal.
The breath teasing the back of Harry's neck was quiet, but quick and hot, and he'd have liked to be able to leave Malfoy hot and unsatisfied.
He couldn't.


Midnight in the Garden by mirabella
Rated NC-17, 1.7k words. Warnings: Uh. Snake?

"You know I'd never hurt you, don't you?" Draco whispered, his mouth an inch above Harry's. "Much, I mean."


Negotiations And by mirabella
Rated NC-17, 7.8k words. Pretend-hooker!Harry.

If someone had taken Harry Potter aside before the Triwizard Tournament, say, and told him that in ten years' time he'd be sitting in a casino in Monte Carlo nursing a Bloody Mary and grimly plotting the fiery downfall of Arthur Weasley and Hermione Granger, he'd have…
Well, he supposed it would have depended on how pissed off at Hermione he was at the time.


Sometimes They Burn by Emma Grant
Rated PG-13, 17k words. S/M and D/S elements.

Potter's eyes were dark and hard in the dim light of the cell, standing out from his pale face. He looked like anything but the world's hero, the vanquisher of the Dark Lord. In fact, he seemed rather malevolent himself, standing behind his Ministry thugs and watching with detached interest as they roughed Draco up.
Draco sneered.
"I haven't got all day, Malfoy," Potter said, with something akin to an exasperated sigh. "Either you know where McCaffrey is, or you don't. If you'd prefer to be beaten more--"
"You know fuck all about my preferences," Draco retorted.


The Ties That Bind Us by faithwood
Rated NC-17, around 20k words. Warnings: Uh. Forced bondage?

He had no time to run or duck. Ropes coiled around his thigh and pulled him sharply back down to the floor. He watched in amazement, despite the pain in his head and back, as the ropes wrapped themselves around Potter's waist and neck, pulled him forward, and sent him flying toward Draco.
Draco cried out as Potter landed squarely on top of him, knocking the air out of his lungs and slamming his head against the ground once again.


Trade by aja
Rated NC-17, 17k words.

"I’m not leaving." He crossed his arms. "I’m not letting you touch any spell of mine without seeing everything you do. Besides, I’m paying for it, so I get to watch."
Malfoy looked up at him again, eyes shaded. "I never said you couldn’t. Shut the door and I’ll explain what I’m doing."

Harry/Draco Plus One
For variety. (Not that it's really needed or anything.)

Better Than Goats and Better Than A Sparkly Dildoby marguerite_26
Rated NC-17, Harry/Ginny/Draco, 5k and 3k words.

Harry snapped his jaw shut and looked back and forth between Ginny and Malfoy. Suddenly Ginny's nervousness throughout dinner became clear. The way she gnawed her thumbnail and cursed that she'd ruined the manicure. "You mean this is your surprise?"


Sodomite by ivyblossom
Rated NC-17, Harry/Cho/Draco, 7k words.

"Why him?" Harry tugs on his shirt and fumbles with the buttons.
"Because," Cho says, half-laughing at Harry and still naked and lying in bed, "because he's vicious, he's evil, and he's incredibly hot."


The Last Night Of The World by fourth_rose
Rated NC-17, Harry/Draco/Tonks, 8.5k words.

Instead of being out there hunting down Death Eaters with the other Aurors, she's been trapped in this huge old house for weeks, with nothing to do but baby-sit two moping teenagers who happen to be crucial to the outcome of the war.


The Malfoy Guide To Productive Extortion by mirabella
Rated NC-17, Harry/Draco/Ron, 8k words.

It appeared that he was going to have to give detention to Weasley and Potter, who were collapsed in a sodden heap just inside the gates. Draco did a bit of snickering himself and headed over toward them.

Date: 2011-11-20 07:45 pm (UTC)
fishpatrol: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fishpatrol
I haven't read any H/D fics since forever! And winter always gets me into an HP!fic mood, so I can't wait to work my way through this list! \o/

Date: 2011-11-20 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] unadrift.livejournal.com
I went on a H/D spree several months (a year?) ago. Before that, it had also been a long time since I read my last H/D fic. I'm still caught up in it; most of what I read at the moment is HP.
I hope you find something you enjoy on this list!

Date: 2011-11-22 05:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] snarkydame.livejournal.com
HP is one of those fandoms I periodically fall back into -- I've never written for it, and probably never will, but there are a lot of lovely fic to read there. Thanks for this list! I've already found a few new ones to love.

Date: 2011-11-23 08:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] unadrift.livejournal.com
I'm glad you found something new to read here! Me, I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, i.e. for me turning back to other fandoms again, but so far it hasn't happened. But I probably won't ever write for HP either. It feels like everything that can be done has been done. Or something.

Date: 2013-06-24 11:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lobelia321.livejournal.com
I love you. So much goodness.

Oh, and Transfigurations: one of my all time in all fandoms favourite.

*downloads to kindle in delirium of reading anticipation*
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