Oct. 1st, 2009 09:48 pm
unadrift: (mcshep_match peace)
The results for the [ profile] mcshep_match are up! Also: The Masterlist!

My contribution for Team Peace was Late for the Arrival, featuring observant aliens, careless co-workers, Ancient graffiti, exasperated superiors, and a healthy dose of oblivious!Rodney through the ages.

In the end, Team War beat us by 0.04 points.

Kudos and congratulations, Team War!
*throws confetti*

Team Peace made second! (Duh!) Look, this is us:

*throws confetti for teammates*

The final score was 23.15 to 23.11. That's really, really close. Only a 0.2% difference! Which means that everyone was basically equally awesome!

But most of all the mods, of course, who put in all the hard work and made this match happen: [ profile] fluffyllama and [ profile] trobadora. And our team captains, too: [ profile] kassrachel and [ profile] lavvyan. Extra special thanks to all of you!

As a [ profile] mcshep_match newbie, I can now cheer and say that this experience was FTW!

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